Extending Supported Backends

Create a backend directory

Under pacifica/archiveinterface/backends add a directory for the new backend type

Create Classes that Implement the Abstract Backend Class methods

Abstract backend classses can ge found under: pacifica/archiveinterface/backends/abstract Descriptions of all the methods that need to be abstracted exists in the comments above the class.

Update Backend Factory

Update the archive backend factory found here: pacifica/archiveinterface/backends/factory.py In this file is a load_backend_archive() method. This method needs to have its logic extended to support the new backend type. This also entails loading the appropriate files for this backend using import

Update Interface Server

Update the main() method to support the new backend choice. File located: pacifica/archiveinterface/__main__.py In this file the type argument is defined with its supported types. Need to extend that array to include the new backend type