Posix Python Module

Posix Module with ExtendedFile object.

Posix Backend Archive Module.

Module that implements the abstract_backend_archive class for a posix backend.

class pacifica.archiveinterface.backends.posix.archive.PosixBackendArchive(prefix)[source]

Posix Backend Archive Class.

Class that implements the abstract base class for the posix archive interface backend.


Constructor for Posix Backend Archive.


Close a posix file.

open(filepath, mode)[source]

Open a posix file.

patch(file_id, old_path)[source]

Move a posix file.


Read a posix file.


Remove the file permissions for a posix file.


Set the file permissions for a posix file.


Set the mod time on a posix file.


Stage a posix file (no-opt essentially).


Get the status of a posix file.


Write a posix file to the archive.

Extended File Object Module.

Module that Extends the functionality of the base file object

to import:

>>> import ExtendedFile
>>> from extendedfile import ExtendedFile
>>> ExtendedFile(path, mode)
pacifica.archiveinterface.backends.posix.extendedfile.extended_file_factory(filepath, mode)[source]

Return appropiate binary io object with additional methods.

Posix Status Module.

Module that implements the Abstract Status class for the posix archive backend type.

class pacifica.archiveinterface.backends.posix.status.PosixStatus(mtime, ctime, bytes_per_level, filesize)[source]

Posix Status Class.

Class for handling posix status pieces needs mtime,ctime, bytes per level array.

__init__(mtime, ctime, bytes_per_level, filesize)[source]

Constructor for posix status class.

_disk = 'disk'

Set up what each level definition means.


Get the file storage media. Showed always be disk for posix.


Set the filepath that the status is for.